Software Development

Scientific Programming and Simulation Development.

We can help your firm with scientific programming, data visualization, and simulation development using finite element and finite difference techniques. We have experience in FORTRAN, C, and C++ and use the latest object oriented development techniques whenever possible. Not only can we write custom, specific software for your needs, we can also develop custom NASTRAN and LS-DYNA subroutines that let you leverage decades of simulation development while incorporating the unique technologies relevant to your particlar problem.

SAP Programming

Structure, Incorporated can also provide onsite staffing to assist with your SAP integration alongside your existing development personnel.

Case Study
Partial Mold-Behind Simulation

Structure, Incorporated was retained to enable the simulation of a client's partial mold-behind process wherein a panel was placed into an open mold and liquid plastic injected behind it as the mold closed to form the final part. High scrap rates neccessitated the simulation of the process for optimal mold design but existing software had proven inadequate. Structure, Inc. wrote custom, highly-parallelized LS-DYNA subroutines incorporating a Two-Doman Tait PVT model and a Cross-WLF viscosity model.. These subroutines were verified against the textbook material model behavior and simple problems were demonstrated with the new software. As part of this process, Structure, Incorporated was also able to demonstrate that the commercial CFD software the client was currently using was giving them completely incorrect answers.

Material Equations

PVT Correlation