Engineering Services

Structure, Incorporated provides in-house engineering services to augment the capability of your core staff. We have a particular emphasis on applied mathematics and report generation which allow you to do two things:

A) You can easily integrate the results of our engineering into your product utilizing our clearly written reports.
B) You can have us generate recurring engineering reports for your customers while allowing your core staff to focus on product development.

Finite Element Analysis

Our core competency, finite element analysis, has a myriad of applications in determining the static and dynamic behavior of structures.

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Interface Loads Analysis

Modern custom aircraft interiors require precise loads analysis in order to assure an airworthy installation.

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Pressure Vessel Engineering

Analysis and certification to ensure ASME compliance of complex pressure vessels and pressurized structures.

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Test Planning and Reports

We design, execute, and author test plans and reports to meet your requirements or an existing technical standard.

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Sofware Development

Scientific and simulation programming, including computational subroutines for NASTRAN and LS-DYNA.

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Engineering Design

Drawing revision, reverse engineering, or clean-sheet designs as part of a complete engineering and analysis effort.

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