Interface Loads Analysis

Business jet custom interiors and complex aircraft refits demand precise interface loads calculations to avoid overloading the airframe structure in both ultimate and in-flight gust load scenarios. If your product is slated for installation in a green or re-engineered airframe, this type of analysis is often demanded by the completion center or certifying agency. With well over two-hundred interface loads analyses completed to date, Structure, Incorporated is the clear choice for interface loads work. In fact, many companies are discovering that we set the standard that others strive to emulate.

Simplify Your Business

Let us handle your routine reporting tasks.

Interface Loads reports are the type of engineering that makes sense to outsource. While they are an important supporting service that you provide to your customer, they certainly aren't your core competency - but they are one of ours. Relieve your engineers of the never-ending task of ILA generation and free them to work on product development and other critical intellectual property issues. We generate professional, superb, Interface Loads Reports on your company letterhead, written by native English-speaking engineers. Most importantly, we deliver them on time and on budget, every time, on a per-report basis that scales linearly with your product sales and frees you from incurring costly fixed engineering overhead for a task not related to core product development.

The ILA Workflow

First, we gather the appropriate drawings and CAD geomeotry neccessary to definie the structure.


Then, we generate a series of simplified finite element models that capture the critical load paths for each specified load case.


Ultimately, we generate an interface loads report on your company letterhead detailing your product's interface loads in a clear, concise, fashion.