Engineering Design

Structure, Incorporated can provide engineering design services in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Pro-Engineer. Typically, we provide design services as part as a larger, comprehensive, engineering engagement.
In the case of a highly engineered product, it makes the most sense to couple the design work along with the analysis. That way, design assumptions can be made more closely with the input of the analyst, avoiding costly redesign efforts that could have been avoided.

Design Skills

Drawing Revision

We can make revisions based on your redlined drawings.

Reverse Engineering

We can take an existing product and break down the critical technologies.

Clean Sheet Design
Starting from scratch, we can work to design, analyze, and produce a product that exceeds your expectations.

CAD Technology

Various Software Platforms

AutoCAD, Solidworks, or Pro-Engineer

Design Goals

“Our goal, with every design, is to allow our customer to move from a baseline concept or idea into a fully-qualified, production-ready design that can be smoothly integrated into their product line.”

Case Study
Rocket Engine Ignitor

This rocket engine ignitor was a clean-sheet design at Structure, Incorporated. Fired by ethane and gaseous oxygen, engineering calculations were performed in order to size the nozzle, determine flow passsage diameters, and determine the required mass for conductive and radiant cooling for the required operational cycle time. Deliverables included solid CAD geometry, finite element analysis and documentation, and engineering drawings to ANSI Y14.5M.

Solid CAD Geometry

Finite Element Analysis

Engineering Drawings